Long Reach

The Long Reach Review

The Long Reach has a fairly interesting premise, but does the end result shape up to meet its very clear and intriguing backbone?

5.9 Average

Agony Review

Agony has been making the headlines for months now, mostly due to its excessive and graphic design. Now that it's here, will it continue to make headlines?

4 Poor
Emily Wants to Play Too

Emily Wants to Play Too Review

Following on from its immediate predecessor, Emily Wants to Play Too promises to be bigger and better. Is this one horror game that you don't want to miss out on?

6.6 Okay

Outbreak: The New Nightmare Review

Outbreak: The New Nightmare promises to bring back old-school survival horror, housing many of the elements of Resident Evil 2. Does it step up to the mark?

3.7 Lousy

Resident Evil 7 – Not a Hero Review

Not a Hero takes place straight after the events at the conclusion of Resident Evil 7. Does the shift to action gameplay do the core game any justice?

4.9 Poor

SOMA Review

SOMA originally launched back in 2015 for the PC and PlayStation 4, pulling in some pretty favorable reviews in the process. Does it still stand tall?

7.2 Good
Your Toy

Your Toy Review

The Xbox store describes the game as a 3D first person escape game that incorporates elements of horror. Does it manage to hit the right mark?

6.5 Okay

The Evil Within 2 Review

Following in the footsteps of the widely acclaimed predecessor, does The Evil Within 2 house the same level of intrigue and terror?

8.9 Great

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