Supermarket Shriek Review

Supermarket Shriek made a shock release on Xbox One, launching in time for E3 2019 through Xbox Game Pass. Though, is it worth your time and attention?

7 Good

Verlet Swing Review

Verlet Swing brings hookshot action to Xbox One, tasking you to make it through a range of difficult levels using little more than momentum. Does it work?

6 Okay

Super Blood Hockey Review

Super Blood Hockey is here at last, bringing classic old-school play with a gory twist. The question is, does the game stand tall alongside the best?

7.8 Good

Party Arcade Review

Party Arcade offers up a range of varying party games with support for both local and online multiplayer, but does it succeed where it needs to?

3 Lousy

Zeroptian Invasion Review

Zeroptian Invasion will stand out to those of you that love the old-school classics such as Space Invaders. But, does it prove to be as exciting?

5 Average

Super Weekend Mode Review

Ratalaika are back again with another (easy Gamerscore) experience, but is this game one that goes beyond scoring cheap achievements?

5 Average

Super Pixel Racers Review

There's a gap on the market for arcade racers. There always will be. Does Super Pixel Racers do a good job at filling the void?

6.9 Okay

Super Volley Blast Review

There can never be too many arcade games. The latest addition is Unfinished Pixel's Super Volley Blast. Is it worth your time and attention?

6.1 Okay

Nickelodeon Kart Racers Review

Nickelodeon Kart Racers is the latest in a small line of kart racing games to arrive on Xbox One. Does it stand tall or fall flat?

2.1 Awful

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