Xt YouTube

Xt YouTube

Forgive the landing page folks, embarrassingly we’ve neglected YouTube until now. In fact, we’ve cleared it out completely…

In the coming weeks and months, we’ll be refocusing our efforts on YouTube to bring you weekly news roundups, gameplay videos, team discussion pieces, podcasts, opinions and more.

You could say that we’re rebuilding, or even restructuring, our work here to bolster our all important connection to (and with) you.

We cant promise that all content will be “E for Everyone”, but we’ll do our level best to ensure that our content is engaging and exciting nevertheless. Stay tuned, as soon as we’re ready to showcase what we have up our sleeves, this page will auto-direct straight to the channel.

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I was born to win, well, or at least try. I review games, post news and other content at Xbox Tavern. When that's not happening, I'm collecting as many achievements as possible or hitting up the latest FPS / RPG. Feel free to add me - Gamertag: urbanfungus

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