Xbox Tavern’s Ones to Watch: July 2024

July 9th:
Lifeless Moon – Serenity Forge

Prior entry Lifeless Planet admittedly skipped us by, though those that played it seemed to find a decent indie title within. So, with the sequel coming up soon, we find ourselves intrigued to check it out and see if it can win us over. Part exploration, part sci-fi mystery, we only have a week or so to wait to see if there’s something here to shout about.

July 18th:
SCHiM – Playism

Shadow-puzzler SCHiM has entertained and won a lot of people over, and we can count ourselves among the numbers of those looking forward to it. Set around jumping from shadow to shadow to traverse the levels, it’s unique concept is only matched by its wonderful artstyle. Coming to Game Pass day one means this won’t be missed, and it’s high on our priority to check out as soon as we can.

July 19th:
Kunitsu-Gami: Path of the Goddess – Capcom

Capcom are on a hell of a roll these last few years, from awesome remakes to brand new titles. So when they announced this fast-paced action title, we’ve immediately had every faith it would continue their streak. Coming to Game Pass day one means we can check it out easily, and we hope the gameplay feels as fluid and frenetic as those preview trailers appear.

July 25th:
House of Golf 2 – Starlight Games

We love a good bit of videogame golf, and House of Golf 2 looks to fill in the party play void since our time with Golf With Your Friends. Using Unreal 5 means it looks pretty stunning, but the real test will be in the ball physics and course designs. It appears to take a larger than life approach to it’s real world settings, and we can’t wait to check it out for ourselves soon!

There are a lot more games this month that look awesome – if there are any you think worth a shout out, let us know below or on our social pages linked below!

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