Upcoming Games

Upcoming Games

Wondering what games are coming to Xbox this week? Worry not, we’ve compiled a list of releases right here for you, complete with links to trailers (when available).

Disco Dodgeball Remix – May 22ndTrailer

Take robots, projectiles, and dodgeball and you’ll have Disco Dodgeball Remix, an action-packed game that puts you in a neon covered dance club to compete in frenzied dodgeball excitement as you pull off crazy stunt shots with your unicycle robot.

Gorogoa – May 22ndTrailer

Gorogoa describes itself as an elegant evolution of the puzzle genre. Its mechanics are all about the hidden connections between objects around you, creating a world of secrets and filled with beautiful art. A game that’s both descended from and radically unlike anything else in the classic adventure game genre.

I Hate Running Backwards – May 22ndTrailer

Take on this never-ending shoot ‘em up that has you fighting countless waves of enemies and traveling through time on a procedurally generated world. Choose from a variety of characters and high-powered weapons like shotguns, lasers, and rocket launchers as you fight across a variety of different time periods and environments.

State of Decay 2 – May 22ndTrailer

Play the ultimate zombie survival game in an open world where you and up to three friends build a community of survivors. Establish a base, develop your characters’ abilities, and manage resources to survive as a group in a world where choices matter and every decision has lasting consequences.

Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon – May 24thTrailer

Battle with swords and whips in this retro-style action game brought to you by game creator Koji Igarashi and Inti Creates! Play as Zangetsu, a demon slayer bearing a deep grudge, who must travel through perilous lands to defeat a powerful demon lurking in a dark castle.

Dark Souls Remastered – May 25thTrailer

Re-experience the critically acclaimed, beautifully remastered, genre-defining game that started it all. Return to Lordran in stunning high-definition at 60fps in Dark Souls: Remastered which includes the main game plus the Artorias of the Abyss DLC. In this dark universe, each end is a new beginning full of challenging combat, masterful skill, and exhilarating accomplishment.

Dungeon Rushers: Crawler RPG – May 25thTrailer

Combining 2D tactical RPG mechanics, dungeon crawling, and turn-based combat, Dungeon Rushers: Crawler RPG will have you looting dungeons, crushing monsters, and crafting equipment against the background of a parody adventure game.

oOo: Ascension – May 25thTrailer

A fast-paced test of skill and reflexes, oOo: Ascension puts you in command of a starship as you must weave in and out through a series of challenging courses and obstacles in this retro-future world, where the levels are a series of small planetary spheres.

Sudden Strike 4: European Battlefields Edition – May 25th – Trailer

World War II real-time strategy comes to Xbox One in Sudden Strike 4: European Battlefields Edition. Containing the original PC hit along with its add-on content, you’ll battle across three campaigns set on the battlefields of WWII, commanding Britsh, American, German, and Soviet troops and more than 100 different units in battle, including the Tiger and T-34 tanks.

Super Hyperactive Ninja – May 25thTrailer

The evil Shogun has stolen all the coffee and it’s up to you to recover it before you fall asleep in this fast-paced, caffeinated platformer where you play as Kohimaru, the last of the Coffee-Nin, who must defeat the Shogun and his army of evil ninjas, samurai, and yokai generals. With limited energy, you’ll have to sustain yourself with the coffee you find throughout the levels – run out and its game over.

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