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Wondering what games are coming to Xbox soon? Worry not, we’ve compiled a list of the biggest releases right here for you, complete with links to trailers (when available).

January 17th
Dragonball Z: Kakarot

While there is hardly a shortage of DBZ titles across the years, rarely do they achieve the high standards of last years excellent Dragonball Fighter Z. While Kakarot is more than just a fighter – mixing open world RPG elements – it looks set to carry on the high standard set by ARC System Works. Following Goku’s journey through the DBZ series, fans can expect to face off against Vegeta, Cell, Majin Buu and more across the campaign.

January 28th
Journey To The Savage Planet

With some pretty serious pedigree behind it – Alex Hutchison, creative director of Far Cry 4 and Assassins Creed III – JttSP looks to take lessons learned in the AAA space and apply them in a more indie style title. The humour looks right up our alley, the visuals are wonderfully reminiscent of 80’s sci-fi imagery and there looks to be a fun action title added into the mix too!

January 21st
Moons of Madness

One for our resident horror fan @DJ_Redcap, Moon of Madness takes the scares to space. The blurb promises a ‘ first-person, story-driven cosmic horror game where the scientific exploration of Mars meets the supernatural dread of Lovecraft’ and well, if that doesn’t get the pulse racing, we don’t know what will. Let’s start the year off with a good scare eh?

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