Xbox Tavern’s Ones to Watch for June 2021

Wondering what games are coming to Xbox this month? Worry not, we’ve compiled a list of the biggest and most interesting releases right here for you, complete with links to trailers (when available).

June 1st
Necromunda: Hired Gun – Focus Home

Warhammer titles tend to come out favourably, and this fast-paced FPS from small studio Streum On looks to carry on the trend. Action looks intense and hectic, but also fun to play. Could this be a good way to kick of June? We’ve not got long to wait!

June 8th
Worms Rumble – Team17

After a brief period of exclusivity, the real time take on classic Worms gameplay is coming to Xbox! Rather than take turns blowing up the Annelid’s, players get to move about the levels grabbing crates and weapons to blow up enemies constantly. Initially this seemed an unneeded change, but after trying the PC beta last year we were sold pretty quickly, so this release is highly anticipated.

June 10th
Ninja Gaiden Master Collection – Koei Tecmo

Highly regarded as some of the best – and toughest – action titles ever made, the Ninja Gaiden Master Collection brings the iconic original Xbox release as well as it’s 360-based sequels to modern consoles. Will they still hold up in an era where hard games are far more common, or will they seem like a walk in the park in comparison? (I suspect it’ll still be the former somehow…)

June 24th
Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX – Merge Games

If you’re as old as some of us here at the Tavern, the pack-in title for the Master System may just have been one the first games you got to play. Ultra tough at the time, we’re looking forward to this DX version, if only to play some Ro Sham Bo once more!

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