Upcoming Games

Upcoming Games

Wondering what games are coming to Xbox this week? Worry not, we’ve compiled a list of releases right here for you, complete with links to trailers (when available).

Capcom Beat ‘Em Up Bundle – September 18th – Trailer

The Capcom Beat ’Em Up Bundle features seven classic arcade side-scrolling co-op games in one package. Get your friends together and enjoy these great games: Final Fight, Captain Commando, Battle Circuit, Knights of the Round, Warriors of Fate, Armored Warriors, and The King of Dragons.

Fishing Sim World – September 18th – Trailer

Fishing Sim World is the most authentic fishing simulator ever made, taking you around the world on an angling journey like no other. Feel the adrenaline rush of landing a trophy largemouth bass and the thrill of fighting huge carp and monster pike. Featuring seven different locations, 18 different species of fish, and hundreds of items of equipment to use. Also features live tournaments and 4-player multiplayer.

Speed Brawl – September 18th – Trailer

Speed Brawl is a 2D combat-racer about moving fast and hitting hard! Maintain your momentum, build your combos, and unleash powerful special moves. Find your own fighting style and assemble the finest team of brawlers ever seen.

Transference – September 18th – Trailer

Imagine an escape room set in a deranged mind. Experience a first-person exploration game in a chilling new dimension as you shift between three perspectives of a family in this troubled scientist’s experiment and attempt to unravel the mystery hiding in this mind-bending psychological thriller.

Scribblenauts Mega Pack – September 18th – Trailer

Warner Bros release Scribblenauts Mega Pack, a new two-game collection that features full versions of Scribblenauts Unlimited and Scribblenauts Unmasked: A DC Comics Adventure along with bonus content for both.

Hover – September 19th – Trailer

Experience the thrills of a fast-paced single and multiplayer parkour game and scoff the security forces of an anti-leisure dictatorship. Rise up to the many challenges of a futuristic open world, assemble your team, enhance your gear, and perform incredible tricks and combos.

League of Evil – September 19th – Trailer

An action game where you, as a bionic super agent, take on the mission to defeat the League of Evil. Use your acrobatic skills to punch your way through levels filled with deadly traps and defeat your enemies in a classic 8-bit style. The world is counting on you!

Anodyne – September 21st – Trailer

Harking back to 16-bit adventures, Anodyne pits you as Young against a weird world inside their own subconscious. Immersed in a moody, dream-like soundtrack explore a world full of natural, urban and abstract environments, solving puzzles and defeating enemies…with a broom!

I am the Hero – September 21st – Trailer

A pixel art beat ’em up fighting game that tells the story of a hero with a glorious but mysterious past. Enjoy fast-paced, retro action inspired by modern and old-school classics giving you shot of nostalgia and adrenaline.

My Brother Rabbit – September 21st – Trailer

A beautifully drawn adventure set in a surreal world that mixes reality with a child’s imagination of a fantastic universe that provides the comfort a brother and sister need to cope with their hostile reality. In this land of make-believe, you must use your wits to decipher puzzles inspired by classic point-and-click adventure games.

Wenjia – September 21st – Trailer

A 2D platformer with puzzle-solving elements, players can freely travel between two realms, each of them with different challenges and obstacles, where they must utilize both realms’ mechanisms to reach their final goal.

8-Bit Armies – September 21st – Trailer

8-Bit Armies is a retro Real-Time Strategy game. With a colorful, blocky voxel art style, 8-Bit Armies is Petroglyph’s most fast-paced, friendly, and accessible RTS game to date. Featuring a campaign of 25 single-player missions, 12 co-op missions, multiplayer and skirmish modes.

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