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We here at Xbox Tavern have been big fans of the Insert Coin line of clothes for a long time; from getting matching Daddy/Daughter Pikmin-themed shirts, to my wardrobe almost entirely comprising of dozens of IC shirts, hoodies and accessories! They don’t just slap a logo on and call it a day either. Each design, while drawing on imagery from the games in question, are thoughtful and well implemented – you’ll know fellow fans as you pass them in the street as they’ll recognise the elements, but to the layman they just look like brilliantly designed clothing.

We’ve teamed up with the lovely folks at Insert Coin to give our readers an exclusive offer: use the code XBOXTAVERN20 when checking out for 20% off your order (not including charity items, bundles, gift cards or postage. All usual fair usage terms apply. It’s one use per person and valid until the end of UPDATE – DEC 2021).

They offer a wide variety of custom designs based on some of the biggest – and more niche – franchises out there. Obviously here at the Tavern we favour items from the Gears of War collection (that Carmine pin is awesome) and the new to the Xbox family Bethesda collection such as the Elder Scrolls and Wolfenstein, but I also personally have plenty from other franchises like Life is Strange, Resident Evil (obviously), and more. You can filter by game, style, new arrivals, or the frequent sales they put up too.

Again, to get 20% off your order use the code XBOXTAVERN20 when checking out – you’ll be helping us out greatly, but most importantly you’ll be getting super awesome, comfy clothes that bit cheaper!

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