Say goodbye to your Streaks! | Xbox Tavern Podcast Episode 151st

Your eyes do not deceive you; this is indeed episode 151st. We’ll be recording episode 150th next week, where MPV Graham will be hosting his first Xbox Tavern Quiz!

For now though, join MPV Graham and I as we discuss Dragon’s Dogma 2 (full review coming soon), Alone in the Dark, WWE 2K24, Microsoft Rewards, new consoles, and a bit of weather.

Let us know your thought and comments on anything we discuss below!

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I've been gaming since Spy vs Spy on the Master System, growing up as a Sega kid before realising the joy of multi-platform gaming. These days I can mostly be found on smaller indie titles, the occasional big RPG and doing poorly at Rainbow Six: Siege. Gamertag: Enaksan

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