Save Your Nuts Review

Despite the double-entendre title, Save Your Nuts is very much a family friendly affair. The kids and I had a pretty good time with it, though there’s not all that much here that’ll entice us back for too long.

It’s about as simple a concept as you can get; playing as teams of up to four, we need to capture 5 nuts before the opposite team. There are 3 game modes to do this in. In Capture The Nut, we battle over a single nut, trying to deposit it in our coloured hut, while in Thieves there are 5 nuts in play at one time and we need to get all five in at once to win. They need guarding here though as the opposition can dig them out and take them back to their own hut. The third mode, Battle, is slightly different, as instead of collecting nuts we need to hit each member of the enemy team a few times to take them out of action – last team standing style.

No matter the mode, the action is fast and frantic – occasionally too much so. We have a handful of characters to choose from, including squirrels, raccoons and dogs, each with their speciality in game. They all move liked greased lightning around the arenas though, and the scramble over the nuts (especially when there’s just the one) can mean we often lose sight of not only the nut, but the majority of the characters, if just for a moment. Picking it up is a simple as walking into it, but other players can punch and kick us to make us drop it. There’s some over the top physics in play here, with the nuts and characters sent flying all over the place with a swift kick. The nuts can be thrown too, to aid in some high stakes last ditch grabs at victory.

Power ups dot the field granting a shield, strength or speed boost and are all but essential in making a successful run. When holding the nut, we slow down significantly, so we need to rely on the team to defend us. Easier said than done, it’s rare that any one player will hold the ball for more than a few seconds.  There are also environmental elements to be wary of, such as a rolling spike trap or a hungry gator. These add yet more carnage to the action, though are a great way to catch the opposite team off guard.

Quick rounds help the incentive to keep playing up, but the repetition does set in fairly quickly. Outside of trying the slightly different classes, there’s not much variety in SYN. There are about a dozen stages to unlock, though some are far too cramped to play with more than a couple of people, and a few new characters to unlock but outside of that SYN relies solely on its gameplay to keep us hooked. While it’s fun, it is best consumed in very short bursts. The action can be a bit too hard to follow, and the AI, even on the easiest setting, still manage to put up a tough fight. Online play is available, but the same shortcomings are evident here too.


It won’t keep us playing for too long, and it can be a bit hard to keep track of, but Save Your Nuts is a fun little arcade game that is good for keeping the kids (both big and little) entertained for an hour or so while we’re all stuck at home.

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  • Fun, frantic gameplay
  • Cute visuals
  • 3 different modes to tackle
  • Can get repetitive quickly
  • A little too hectic at times
Gameplay - 6.5
Graphics - 7
Audio - 6
Longevity - 4
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