Project Game Pass May 2024 – Golf With Your Friends

We recently announced some changes to our Project Game Pass program, which you can read all about here.

When we initially made our changes to the Project Game Pass program, Golf With Your Friends was one of the titles that was cited as inspiration for making it a multiplayer-only affair. Well, with Diablo 4 out of the way, and not too much in the next few weeks to fit the bill, now’s the time for golf!

We’ve all played this in various forms over the years (it is one of the few go-to family games in the Collyer household too), but should prove to be a fun, no doubt expletive-filled time.

We’ll be getting together on Sunday 5th, at 8pm (ISSSHHHH), for our stream, where the podcast crew (and hopefully a few special guests) will battle it out to be Golf Master No.1!

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