One Finger Death Punch 2 Review

Developed and Published by Silver Dollar Games, One Finger Death Punch 2 finds its way to the Xbox One platform. Not being familiar with the first in the series I was interested in diving into this game with an open mind. The first impression I get is that of a sharp and crisp arcade game. You play as a lone hero who must survive an onslaught of foes. Using all of your martial arts, weapons and special skills you must bring down your enemies using only 2 buttons on your controller. Essentially you press either the X(Blue) or B(Red) button on your controller based off of the visual indication bar on the screen (considering this was released on a console first I would consider this to be a One Thumb Death Punch 2, though that isn’t quite as catchy a title…).

As mentioned, OFDP2 only operates using two buttons; X to attack enemies coming to the left and B to attack enemies to the right. The order in which they come and the types of enemy offer some variety to keep things interesting. Similar in style to Guitar Hero, you need to hit the right colour at the right time, but there is a learning mechanic regarding your reaction speed to keep things interesting. If you don’t make any mistakes and maintain your hit points the game speeds up to make things trickier. So, in reverse, if you keep getting slapped about the speed will decrease to level the playing field. You can amend this yourself depending on if you want more or less challenge in the game. The audio in this game isn’t really memorable from a couple of techno tracks playing in the background with your standard set of striking sound effects.

There are many levels to work your way through, and successfully completing them can earn you some gems. These gems can be used to power up your skills giving you an advantage in battle. These skills can offer more weapons in the battle, make enemies drop more health pickups, kill enemies in one hit or slow downtime. For such a simple premise, Silver Dollar Games have tried to throw in as many variables as possible. The enemies and weapons are quite varied, there is a variety of skills and the game also offers you tweaks under a system menu to hide certain information on the screen, or turn off certain animations like blood or camera shake if you find them too disruptive.

The only customisation that does seem to be a bit weak is for your own character. Although your character is a stickman, you can change the colour of his bald head and forearms to a variety of skin colours. You can also choose to show his eyes and have some shading on the legs. But during the game, the focus is almost solely on the bar colour to make sure you are hitting the right button that you don’t really notice your own character.

The game offers up increased longevity by offering additional game modes. There is a survival gauntlet mode, a co-op mode which allows you to tag in a friend and another mode called ‘No Luca No’ which is the weirdest of all; it is the same game, but occasionally a large cat will block a large chunk of the screen making things that bit extra challenging – and sharing the pain felt by owners of attention-seeking felines.


OFDP2 is straight to the point in what it is trying to achieve; a simple but challenging test of your reflexes and focus. While some will no doubt relish the challenge and try to test their ability, others may lose interest in the repetitive simplicity. There is no smoke and mirrors here though, so for those who want a no-nonsense pick-up and play fast action reflex game then OFDP2 is for you.

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  • Lots of levels and various game modes
  • Interesting game balancing mechanic
  • Repetitive
  • Character customisation could be better
Gameplay - 6
Graphics - 6
Audio - 5
Longevity - 6
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