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Battle it out head to head (pardon the pun) or as a team with swords and explosive pies, that’s right! It makes no sense but this is what Oh My Godheads is all about. Developed by a small company by the name of Titutitech and published by the mammoth company Square Enix Collective, this game will see you bouncing around, poking and throwing yourself towards your foes in this local one-four player fighting game. It’s fast paced and it’s wacky, but do these concepts come together particularly well? Let’s dive in.

Oh My Godheads is a one-to-four player top-down fighting game that takes place across ten beautifully created levels and five different game modes. With different difficulties, nine fantastic playable characters (all set in a low-poly setting) that each have their own unique feel, this may well be one of the better family games releasing just in time for the man in red. The different modes offer a decent portion of variety, with a heavy lean on arena style combat. First up there’s Capture the Head which is essentially a spin on Capture the Flag – swapping out flags for giant ancient godheads. The aim of the game here is to pick up the head and bring it back to your teams plinth as quickly as possible to score points. If you’re not fast on your toes the godhead that you’re holding will grow impatient and will start to use its godly powers on you.

For instance, Skadi the goddess comes with a cold personality and will turn you into an ice cube if you grasp her for too long. Another example would be Agyo, who if held for too long will explode. There’s a total of ten different godheads to take to, with the ability to throw them on to any map, further bolstering the variety factor in the process. Moving onto the next mode there’s King of the Head, which is (again) a title swap for King of the Hill. In this mode your goal is to hold the godhead for a set amount of time to win a round. Much like Capture the Head, the godheads will grow angry after being carried for a while. This comes on top of battling your opponents to make sure that you win, which as you can imagine is pretty tense.

The third and fourth modes are quite similar to one another. One is called Headhunters, in which you need to kill as many foes as possible to win, whereas the other mode is called Last Man Standing, which is quite self explanatory. These are brawler based modes that has you fighting with swords and explosive pies. The controls when it comes to brawling are much simpler as it’s just a case of smashing the attack button, as well as dashing around the map and lobbing projectiles at each other, which comes on top of the abilities that you can pick up for extra aid in the fray. The fifth and final mode is the Trials mode (single player) that has you working through a total of ten trials.

Each trial offers up three different medals depending on your performance, ranging from bronze to gold. If you’re able to get gold medals throughout the trials, you will unlock more godheads, which naturally adds a bit more to flavour to the game. Oh My Godheads suffers a little bit from poor AI, but the real struggle that the game contends with is the repetitive nature of play. There’s only two out of five modes with the actual godheads, which drains the weight from the title. The fact that this game only supports local play is another drawback seeing as though much of the fun can only be had with your nearest and dearest, which isn’t always an easy thing to do for a lot of people. In its favour however, Oh My Godheads has a strikingly colourful and gorgeous design.


Oh My Godheads is fun, bright, colourful and zany, but it’s somewhat let down by repetitive play, a lack of content, and no online support. The fact that you only get two out of five modes with the actual godheads is a kick to the teeth, especially when those game modes are the best out of the lot due to the innovation and tense fields of play. It’s certainly a dish best served with your friends and family, but for those that don’t have immediate access to those, the single player components of the game leaves a lot to be desired. It’s fair to say that this could have been much more than what it is – despite the clever and colourful design.

This game was tested and reviewed on Xbox One. All of the opinions and insights here are subject to that version.

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  • Fun gameplay.
  • Colourful and solid visuals.
  • Easy to pick up and play.
  • Repetitive before long.
  • Not much content packed in.
  • Local play only.
Gameplay - 8
Graphics - 7.3
Audio - 6
Longevity - 4.7
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