Lost Words: Beyond the Page Review

Lost Words: Beyond the Page is a tale between two different worlds that involves a ton of platform mechanics, telling a beautiful and magnificent story. However the beauty within the story can be blinded by tedious and simple platforming sections; or maybe that was the intention all along.

Lost Words: Beyond the Page’s story takes us through two different worlds. In the real world, we follow along with our protagonist Isabelle (Izzy) Cooke, a child who has begun writing in a journal all her experiences that she has had with her family. The other world takes place inside of Izzy’s journal in a place called Estoria, where a fictional superhero that Izzy came up with named Grace lives. In Estoria, Grace has the power to mold and bend the world around her and uses it to be a protector of Estoria.  Everything in both worlds starts to change when Izzy’s grandmother is diagnosed with a sickness and has to be hospitalized. Because of this Izzy is put through many emotional trials as since she still is a child she doesn’t properly know how to react to the situation and is struggling in general dealing with the condition of her grandmother. In Grace’s case, she has to hunt down a dragon to collect a certain type of magical firefly to save her village. In all honesty, I found myself more invested with Izzy’s world than Grace’s.

Lost Words goes back and forth between Izzy’s journal entries and Grace’s, with both going into great detail providing very grim and honestly morbid tales, which I absolutely loved. Unfortunately, the story was the main highlight of the game and outshines the gameplay by far. 

The platforming in the game itself is simple to the point where you can’t even mess anything up. The way that it is done is unique as at times you are required to lift some words straight out of sentences and reposition them to let you reach higher platforms, bending pages and objects around you to reach your end goal. When playing as Grace she has a book of words where she can command the world to her will and break, repair, and lift objects. As you play the game is narrated by Izzy which adds to the emotional factor to the story and at times you have to reach a certain dictation while you platform to progress the dialogue. 

Graphically the Izzy sections of the game are all filled with bright and vibrant colors which shows the childlike innocence of Izzy at times. In contrast to that Grace’s world is very dark and grim and filled with dull and depressing colors which shows the current state of Estoria.

The style in which the music is orchestrated brings about the emotions from both of our protagonist’s stories and it fits perfectly with narration from Izzy on the side.


Lost Words: Beyond the Page to me is a heavily story-based game that uses platforming as a means to tell it. If you’re after something with deep gameplay to get into, this may not be the right title for you. If the story alone is something that piques your interest then it’s definitely worth a shot as it is an enjoyable tale.

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This game was tested and reviewed on Xbox. All of the opinions and insights here are subject to that version. Game provided by publisher.
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  • Amazing Storytelling
  • Lovely Narration
  • Overly Simple Gameplay
Gameplay - 6
Graphics - 8
Audio - 9
Longevity - 8
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