Just Die Already Review

From the folks who designed Goat Simulator comes a new open-world sandbox, Just Die Already. This time around players can control four hate-filled geezers and boomers making everyone else’s lives around them an absolute disaster. Sadly just like the rest of these boomer’s lives, the game is rather short-lived, running out of schemes and gimmicks to keep players interested and hooked on creating mayhem.

Just Die Already starts the player with their choice of Stanislav, Wally, Kamala, and Licky, your boomers who refuse to waste away in a retirement home and decide to cause madness in order to get thrown out. Once accomplished, your only goal throughout the game is to complete a bucket list. On the bucket list are life goals that can reward you with either new items such as new weapons, or accessories for your boomer. You can also be rewarded with special tickets called JDA that can be used for special items such as a retirement plan which acts as the end goal.

As an open-world sandbox, Just Die Already has to be given credit for offering players a nice variety of places to explore, from city centers to zen gardens.  My favorite thing about this game was the attention to detail that this game brings to the table. Going around different areas looking at the scenery, the different restaurants and shops you could go into really gave me personally that feeling of an open world. Inside these places was also a special weapon or item or a new method just to blow the place up. It made me want to explore everything. It’s hard to explore this world however when the controls are this difficult.

In Just Die Already it’s almost as if everything and mostly everyone is out to get you. Somewhere along the line you’ll get punched, ran over, or even beaten to the point where you break a bone or lose a limb. It’s difficult to even control your character with your body still intact, so imagine losing parts of your body trying to walk somewhere. The idea of gore and dismemberment with the ragdoll effects is a nice added touch differing from Goat Simulator but it gets annoying real quick considering how easy it is to lose a limb. Within the prologue itself, you can easily kill yourself just by trying to manoeuvre yourself around the starter room. Riding a bike or scooter in this game is just annoying as you’ll be bouncing and jerking around the road which will end up with the player being face-planted into a wall. 

As of right now, there are no new maps like those that Goat Simulator offered. Until then, Just Die Already is going to get old real fast. Once you play around and discover most of the weapons and areas there really isn’t much else to the game. The least this game could have done was offered little secret easter eggs, or even collectibles to keep the attention of players. When in a co-op game of course it’s much better to play with friends but going solo you’ll find yourself playing for at least 30-45 minutes then getting bored. The lack of music or any soundtrack doesn’t help in this case either. Just the low-quality grunts of your boomer as they get tossed around.


Just Die Already with its launch on consoles is a great open-world game within the first couple of hours. Within time its fun factor begins to deteriorate, and there just isn’t much to laugh at anymore. The humor has just gone stale. The difficulty in its controls and lack of features doesn’t help its cause.

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This game was tested and reviewed on Xbox. All of the opinions and insights here are subject to that version. Game provided by publisher.
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  • Colorful locations with variety
  • Difficult controls
  • Short lived fun
Gameplay - 6
Graphics - 8
Audio - 4
Longevity - 5
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