Jumanji: Wild Adventures Review


Jumanji: Wild Adventures takes us back into the world of Jumanji as the follow up game from Outright Games. When it came to actually playing it, I found myself uninterested after just a short while unfortunately. The levels seemed to drag on and any kind of upgrades were boring for the most part. I wanted to like it more than I did but sadly that wasn’t the case. Fans of the first game have all of the same reasons to enjoy this iteration but otherwise I’d say it’s a pass.

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This game was reviewed based on Xbox One review code, using an Xbox Series S|X console. All of the opinions and insights here are subject to that version. Game provided by publisher.

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  • Visually appealing
  • Wanted levels to be shorter
  • Overall uninteresting
  • Wonky movement in general
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From my early days of gaming with Vectrex and eventually NES, I can't remember a time where gaming wasn't present in my life. I have been maining Xbox since the release in 2001 and enjoy genres of all kinds. You can mostly find me achievement hunting these days. Gamertag: rawkerdude5012

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