GreedFall – The De Vespe Conspiracy DLC Review

For those not familiar with Greedfall, the game is an RPG beast which is just shy in my eyes of being a triple A title. Granted I played the game and expansion on the Xbox Series consoles but the graphics for this game from 2019 is still impressive. The one thing I would say that was missing from my Anthony’s review was that the game is very dialogue-heavy. If you go into Greedfall expecting a high action game then your expectations will fall short. Greedfall is a game about reconnecting with Nature, having respect for everyone’s beliefs and that diplomacy is key for everyone to get along.

There are a lot of enemies and factions with ill intent in this game and it’s with that in mind that the De Vespe Conspiracy slots very nicely into the story. Had it not been a DLC I would have thought that the expansion was naturally part of the storyline which is a credit to how well it was blended in. Some of the content of the DLC does feel a little out of place, but I will touch on that later.

The De Vespe Conspiracy cannot be accessed straight away, and you have to progress to a certain point, quite far in, before it can be accessed. In my playthrough of Greedfall *minor spoilers*, I reached the part where Constantin was captured by the native high king before I could access the DLC section.*spoiler end* The timing was perfect as I had spent so much time building up a friendship with all the factions that when the arrival of the De Vespe family threatens all of your relationships I was already invested.

There is a whole new island to explore which is just as richly designed as the others. Also a new beast to fight which seems like a human-cat hybrid that is challenging to battle and a pleasant change from the usual creatures you face. A new faction is present to deal with that has humans which fight with a different style. There are also varied reports that the content can take about 4 to 6 hours to complete. But in my opinion, it is probably closer to 2 hours.

In summary, Aurelia De Vespe has arrived and has set up camp on a new sacred part of the island. She claims to bring news that she is to be wed to your (De Sardet’s) cousin Constantin d’Orsay and has a contract confirming the marriage. Aurelia claims it will finally unit their grand families and will essentially end the ongoing rivalry/feud. Although you are very quick to realise that all is not as it seems. With great warnings from long term allies, Lady Morange and Sir De Courcillon who inform you of the sly vindictive nature of the De Vespe family you know something is about to unfold.

You suspect all may not be true about the marriage contract when you’re set up for an ambush. It seems De Sardets reputation of being a great diplomat and friend to all the factions is a threat. But with many lies spun all around the cities to devalue your position and rumours to test the relationship with all the factions, you have to fight back hard not to lose what you have fought so hard to build.

I enjoyed this DLC; it brought about more dialogue from adviser characters as well as your companions. The story – without spoiling it – has many threads which need to be handled carefully or you risk your relationship with certain factions. The antagonist Aurelia De Vespe is painted as a skilled fighter and a master manipulator, and I did enjoy the story and conclusion as it satisfactorily wrapped up.

My only gripes about the De Vespe Conspiracy is that it is quite short. It was fine for me as I hadn’t played the game before as it slotted in so well. But for those that had completed the game already, the 2 hours of content may not be enough to tempt them back, especially as it doesn’t really have a bearing on the ending of the game. The other thing that bugged me was that in my playthrough, Constantin seemed completely unaware of the marriage proposal. As he was missing at the time of me doing the DLC I couldn’t interact with him. I completed the DLC before Constantin was rescued but it never got brought up. Lastly, while I enjoyed the story, a certain aspect of it that you’d naturally expect to occur never materialises, and is a missed opportunity in my eyes.


The De Vespe Conspiracy is a great addon to the Greedfall base game. The unravelling of the tangle of lies and mayhem caused was fun to play through. The missions and side quests were interesting and varied enough and it played through like a fun episode. It’s unfortunately too short for my liking and is not likely to bring back old players, but those new to the game would do well to add this to their playthrough.

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This game was tested and reviewed on Xbox Series X/S. All of the opinions and insights here are subject to that version. Game provided by publisher.
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  • The storyline of the DLC is great
  • The new island looks great graphically
  • It slots in nicely as you playthrough
  • Very Short
  • It's unlikely to attract those who have completed the game
Gameplay - 8
Graphics - 8
Audio - 7
Longevity - 5
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