Gioteck TX70 Wired/Wireless Headset Review

Manufacturer: Gioteck
Where to Buy: Argos
RRP: £49.99

I must start by clarifying although this headset is natively a wireless headset, the wireless functions are only compatible with PS4, PS5 and PC. The headset comes with a 3.5mm audio cable to plug your headset into your Xbox controller to function as a wired headset, and I tested mine using a Xbox Series S/X controller.

My initial impression is that the headset looks very slick and modern. It comes in a standard black colour and the speakers of the headset are of a slanted rhombus shape. I thought was an odd decision as they may not be as comfortable, but those fears were short-lived as the headset fitted nicely over my head, and the top is adjustable to fit most head sizes.

The product claims the cushion of the speakers is a high-quality athletic mesh which allows for extended gaming sessions with no discomfort. I agree to a point, as the headset felt very comfortable on the ears and after a long gaming session of about 3-4 hours my ears did not feel sore like they have with other headsets. But the same issue occurs with my ears getting very warm and sweaty after a long session, though in fairness there is not an ear cupping headset which doesn’t cause that for me.

The audio quality was at the top end of the scale. It wasn’t crackly, there was no echo and it didn’t sound tinny. The volume could be amended on the Xbox audio setting to a comfortable level with plenty of room to manoeuvre each way depending on the game you were playing. I played 4 different games using the headset and I didn’t feel the need to adjust the volume again.

The microphone is probably the niftiest feature of the headset. It’s relatively small compared to other headsets so it is quite discreet. In its default docked position, the microphone is muted and is safely docked in a slot on the left side of the headset. Should you need your microphone, it can be easily lowered down into the on position which automatically unmutes the headset. I tested the microphone by myself and with friends and I can confirm the quality was high and crisp.

There was one minor drawback though, in that I found the microphone could be a bit oversensitive. My friends mentioned when talking to me that they could hear themselves through my headset (we could also hear him pressing the controller buttons – ed) This was with 3 different people as well and so it wasn’t just a one-off thing. I turned the mic sensitivity option on the Xbox to its lowest setting and it was still occurring. I had to lower the headset audio a few more notches before they could stop hearing themselves. I will add that although I am not a teenager anymore, I am by no means hard of hearing so it wasn’t the fact I had the headset volume up extremely high either.

But this does tick all of the boxes that you would want from a wired headset. It’s very comfortable on the ears, even after prolonged usage. The cable is sufficiently long so you won’t suffer an accidental tug or get tangled up. The audio quality is decent with a very good volume range. It’s great that the microphone can be tucked away when you want to mute the mic or when you don’t need it. Although the microphone may be sensitive with the right configuration on the Xbox you should be fine. Those wanting to game on PC can use the included wireless dongle as well, so multi-platform players will get the most benefit out of this set. Plus, with Game Pass Cloud streaming rolling out to browsers you can still play Xbox titles using this wirelessly that way!


Gioteck has created a very sharp and sleek headset. The shape of the headset cups is different but still very comfortable. It fits nicely on my head, doesn’t feel too heavy, and there was no discomfort even after a lengthy session. The adjustable discreet headset is a cool feature and the microphone sensitivity is only a minor gripe and easily fixed. Even if you’re just going to use it wired to your Xbox, at £50 this is well worth the money, but you’ll definitely get even more use out of this if you’re a multi-platform user.

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  • Stylish modern design
  • Discrete and adjustable microphone
  • Great audio quality
  • Xbox cannot use the wireless features
  • The microphone is a bit too sensitive
Usability - 8.5
Design - 9
Durability - 8.5
Value For Money - 7.5
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