Food Truck Simulator Review

I am a fan of the simulator genre in gaming. In the past, I’ve assumed the role of a theme park manager, gardener, and even a manic goat. Running a food truck seemed like another experience I could add to my resume. Ultimately it was its poor story and voice acting along with janky mechanics, that I was more eager to serve up my resignation letter than food.

Burn It For Insurance

Food Truck Simulator has a rather cliche story but it’s a welcoming premise to prepare players for their journey on the road. Your father passed away and it’s time for you to take up the mantle of running the food truck business. Like I said it’s cliche but that’s not the problem here. The voice acting, which you will hear constantly is boring and monotone and it just sounds like everyone is reading the script, especially the main character’s voice.

The tutorial showcases just how buggy, broken, and janky the Food Truck Simulator can and will be. They say that the secret ingredient is love but it’s difficult to see if any optimizations or patches have been made to the game. When interacting with items or preparing food on a controller it comes across as very poorly optimized along with its horrid controller sensitivity. It doesn’t matter if you’re preparing pizza, sushi, or burgers. I even gave the controller to my girlfriend who is also an avid enthusiast of the simulator titles and she immediately was frustrated with how unresponsive the controls were. Even when navigating the UI, inputs wouldn’t work and small text inevitably would just clutter the screen.

Patience Is Key

I will always give credit where it is due. Food Truck Simulator has players doing it all preparing cooking food, customizing their truck, completing side jobs, and other activities you wouldn’t think would come from just running a food truck. That foundation however is built out of popsicle sticks and requires so much patience to appreciate how in-depth the game can be. Unfortunately, my patience was wearing thin with the constant game-breaking bugs and tedious and frustrating controls. This game isn’t even online so how can I be rubberbanding while on the grill or while driving the truck? I can’t stress enough how bad the issues are with this title. Graphically there isn’t anything impressive about Food Truck Simulator and the same can go for the soundtrack too.


After I played enough to write a review I hung up my apron, turned off the grill, and that was the end of Food Truck Simulator for good. It’s a great concept that I’d like to believe would’ve worked without the frustrations and complications and maybe it’s like that on a different platform from Xbox. However, the game I played was undercooked leaving me in anticipation to clock out.

This game was reviewed based on Xbox S|X review code, using an Xbox S|X console. All of the opinions and insights here are subject to that version. Game provided by publisher.

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  • Great Concept
  • Poor Voice Acting
  • Game Breaking Bugs
  • Poor Optimization
  • Frustrating Controls
Gameplay - 2
Graphics - 3
Audio - 3
Longevity - 2
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