Fifine AmpliGame H9 Headphones Review

Manufacturer: Fifine
Where to Buy: Amazon
RRP: £49.99

Gaming headphones are a dime a dozen, and there is a broad spectrum of choices out there for players to choose from, from budget affairs up to $000’s if you’ve the inclination. This set, from Fifine, are certainly on the lower of the price spectrum, but can they still hold up against very stiff competition?

Well, that depends on where you’re playing. On Xbox, these wired headphones plug into the 3.5mm jack on the controller as standard. Sound wise, they are more than good enough. Bass and treble are handled well, and the time I spent playing *redacted* with them was enjoyable enough. They lack a certain punch to my ear, though I’ve been fortunate to use some very high end headphones in recent times. For the average player, these should fit the bill nicely. Used with the Xbox, there’s no way to adjust the volume on the unit itself though, so we ned to use the Xbox guide volume features to do so, which is a bit of a mild inconvenience.

But that is really down to these being more focussed on a PC-based set up, and here, they begin to excel. Plugging the 3.5mm into the included USB-A connector, we’re granted not only the option to adjust the volume using the in-line buttons (for both mic and game audio) but a snazzy little button becomes available for use – labelled 7.1.

This enables a far more dynamic sound, and when put to the test using various 7.1 tests on YouTube, really shows the difference to the quality of the audio. At certain points whatever processing is going on can make it all a bit too echo-y, but I spent some time with the Talos Principle II demo on Steam, and flicking between both standard stereo and the 7.1 mode did make a difference. The puzzling world felt more ‘full’ to my ear, and it was a definite preferable way to play.

The detachable mic is of a decent quality too, as you can hear below:

Comfort wise, while the headband is plenty big enough even for my big head, I did find the ear cups a little uncomfortable after a while. I found myself fidgeting and adjusting them far more than I’d usually do, though the leather finish is at least pretty soft and spongy, and it wasn’t from overheating either. Again, for the average Joe this will likely be just fine, but if you’re used to more premium sets, these will definitely feel a little less enjoyable to wear.


As fairly cheap, wired headphones go, the Fifine AmpliGame headset is a decent alternative to others out there, especially if you’re gaming on PC. The included control box gives a good approximation of 7.1 for the most part, and the mic is surprisingly good quality. It’s let down by no volume adjustment on the headphones when used with the 3.5mm jack and being sightly less comfortable than we’d like for longer sessions.

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  • USB-A control box allows a good approximation of 7.1 sound on PC
  • Looks wise is sleek
  • Less comfortable for longer sessions
  • No in'set volume adjustment when using 3.5mm jack
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