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Developed by and published by Butterscotch Shenanigans Crashlands is action-adventure RPG which has been ported over from the mobile environment to be enjoyed on Xbox. You have to survive through large areas, complete quests and craft your way through the game, and you can even have a buddy to play it with.

You play as Flux Dubes a galactic delivery man. Together with your computerised cargo-carrying sidekick juice box, you find yourself blown out of space by a sinister alien called Hewgodooko who is trying to take the tech from your delivery space ship. You crash land on the planet Woanope and you have to find a way to get back into space and make the delivery. However, the planet comes across as primitive, as native animals are wanting to harm you. You do come across some friendly native species who offer you quests in returns for rewards and information. You soon realise you have to harvest the planet’s resources to make armour, tools, weapons, gadgets, furniture and potions if you want to survive. You have to befriend the locals by completing their quests, tame the wild animals as companions and work together to take out Hewgodooko who is determined to try and ruin your delivery.

Crashlands takes on a different approach to the RPG genre. Rather than levelling up and allocating points to boost your character, they are making progression quest driven. So you get access to better resources, tools, weapons etc. by completing quests. The better resources you have then the better equipment you can craft and so your health, defence and damage you deal is controlled by the equipment you have.

The controls are simple with it being a mobile port and all, but the game feels robust enough with plenty of content – unless you knew it was a mobile port you may not have noticed. Don’t get me wrong though, graphically it is not a masterpiece, but the cute and kooky way it has been drawn is still quite attractive. The controls for the gadgets can sometimes feel a bit clunky, especially when pretty much all combat in this game you have to use a hit and run tactic. All the enemies give off a red circle of attack to give you a few seconds to get out of that circle before you get hit. Early on with the weaker gear, it’s important to keep moving or you will be dying a lot.

Thankfully this game doesn’t punish you too much for dying; if anything. it expects you to. I say this because when you die you leave behind a gravestone and the last 6 or so resources that you have collected around it. You then respawn back at your ship or the last teleporter you made your home location and once you make it back to the place you died you can pick your resources back up and the gravestone. Dying enough times allows you to collect enough gravestones to make some furniture out of them which is useful I guess…

The game also has some length to it which I was a little surprised at. I thought I made it to the end of the game only to be teleported to another realm. At first, I was surprised but I can’t complain that there is more game still to play. However, I was less than enthused at the fact that the game seems to have repeated a cycle. The enemies are super tough in the next realm and you have to collect new resources to once again build more work stations and equipment to be able to cope with them. There is a different species of alien to accept quests from at least which keeps things a little fresh. The enemies are different and have different attack patterns but it does feel a tad rinse and repeat. Upon investigation, there appears to be a third realm which will probably restart the cycle again. The quests you get are interesting and sometimes amusing even if they are mainly fetch quests or target monster assassinations. The enjoyment does wear a little thin as repetition sets in, but playing with a partner does prevent it from getting stale too quickly.


Crashlands is a game with plenty of content but it follows a pattern of repetition which runs the risk of getting stale for some. I can see how this would make a fun mobile game as it’s a great time killer and it is enjoyable in its slow progression. But as a console game, I don’t think the slow progression works quite as well. Crafting lots of different weapons, armour, gadgets, trinkets and furniture is great if you enjoy that kind of game. The quest dialogue and story itself is interesting and amusing and there is a good variety of enemies. It is more enjoyable playing with a friend but just not for long periods at a time.

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  • A big vast world to explore
  • Plenty of quests and crafting to get stuck into
  • Fun to play with a friend (locally)
  • Very easy to die
  • Can get repetitive
Gameplay - 6.5
Graphics - 6.5
Audio - 5.5
Longevity - 6.5
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