I and Me Review

I and Me serves itself as a puzzle platformer with some unique mechanics, but in a genre that's overflowing with games, does it stand out?

6.5 Okay

Devil May Cry 5 Review

The critically acclaimed Devil May Cry is back with its fifth mainline entry, but, is this the devil you know, or does it stumble from its path of greatness?

9 Excellent

Overload Review

Overload arrives as a spiritual successor to the acclaimed Descent series, but, does it manage to meet the same level of thrill and excitement?

7 Good

Hell Warders Review

Hell Warders serves itself as a new tower defense game with some seemingly neat mechanics. Does it all come together to produce a solid experience?

5 Average

Black Desert Review

Black Desert needs no introduction, but on a console that's arguably got plenty of MMORPGs to select from, does this find its place and stand out from its peers?

8.5 Great

Blood Waves Review

Wave-based horde shooters are nothing new, but does the newly releasing Blood Waves manage to keep this basic concept fresh and exciting?

2 Awful

Fimbul Review

Fimbul is one of those games that look quite unique at first glance. The real question, however, is whether its gameplay meets the same ground.

7.3 Good

Dead or Alive 6 Review

Dead or Alive is back with its sixth mainline entry. Does this new fighter stand a chance at standing in the same ring as its already impressive peers?

6.5 Okay

Old Man’s Journey Review

Old Man's Journey intends to bring you a puzzle game like no other. Whilst it's indeed on the short side, does this prove to be a journey worth your time?

7.5 Good

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