ENDER LILIES: Quietus of the Knights Review

A unique, customizable combat system and a beautiful, yet bleak and dreary world are just a few reasons to check out this side-scrolling Action-RPG Metroidvania.

9 Excellent

Crash Drive 3 Review

Fully featured with Cross Platform play and next gen optimisation, can this open multiplayer title hit the gas, or will it slam on the brakes?

7.6 Good

Flatland Vol.2 Review

Looking some challenging platforming wrapped up in lovely visuals and audio? Don't miss this game!

8.6 Great

King of Seas Review

King of Seas takes a broadside shot at the pirate simulator, sadly it is not at full mast.

5 Average

Operation: Tango Review

Operation: Tango is great spin on spy movies, and a fantastic co-op title.

7.9 Good

Bunny Factory Review

Corey hops around a factory while solving puzzles to bring it back to life. Is this puzzle game worth your time? 

5.5 Average

Scarlet Nexus Review

What Scarlet Nexus brings to the table is a creative combat mechanic, a diverse cast of characters even though they’re rather a cliche, and a story and skill development tree that isn’t too hard to fo...

8.5 Great

Spirit of the North: Enhanced Edition Review

Have Infuse Studio managed to bring this charming adventure into new light with this enhanced edition?

7.4 Good

Curved Space Review

A twin stick shooter that opens up the playing field, but not necessarily for the better.

6.4 Okay

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