Robocop: Rogue City Review

80's action icon comes to modern gaming with an explosive adventure

7.8 Good

Resident Evil 4: Separate Ways Review

Separate Ways once again brings Ada and Leon to the forefront of Resident Evil, but has this DLC come to late to make an impact?

9 Excellent

Lake – Season’s Greetings Review

Boy, it's great to be back in P.O again, and the festive tint is a welcome refresh of atmosphere

8.9 Great

Lords of the Fallen Review

Lords of the Fallen successfully builds upon its predecessor, delivering a dark fantasy epic that captivates for much of its playtime

8.8 Great

Air Twister Review

Air Twister is pretty much Space Harrier brought into the modern age.

7.4 Good

Roller Coaster Tycoon Adventures Deluxe Review

Old school theme park building comes to Xbox

3.5 Lousy

Teardown Review

One of the most impressively destructive environments in gaming comes to console

9.1 Excellent

Jagged Alliance 3 Review

World War strategy games are not new to Xbox, but can this latest genre entry do enough to stand out?

6.5 Okay

Jusant Review

Exceptional adventuring with heart

9.5 Excellent

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