Prepare for One of Gaming’s Greatest Flops

Prepare yourselves people. One of gaming's greatest flops is about to come back for another round. That is to say, Shenmue I & II HD.

Xt Interview With CONTROL’s Remedy Entertainment

Remedy recently lifted the lid on their next ambitious project, CONTROL. We fired a few questions over to game director, Mikael Kasurinen, to find out more.

Remothered: Tormented Fathers May be One of the Best Survival Horrors in a While

With Agony's, well, agonizing release still fresh in our minds, we look to another survival horror to get a better fix. Enter Remothered: Tormented Fathers.


The Pokémon-Like MMO ‘Temtem’ Has Massive Potential

Pokémon stands in a league of its own. Now, why the hell is an Xbox-specific website hammering on about Pokémon? I'll answer with one word my friends, Temtem.

Sea of Thieves’ Gunpowder Skeleton Event is OK, But the Next Event Sounds Better

Sea of Thieves' latest timed event, Gunpowder Skeletons, is now live in the game. The general consensus is that it's OK, but the next event sounds even better.

The Walking Dead

What We Want From OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead

OVERKILL's The Walking Dead is set to release later this year and early impressions seem to point to a solid experience. Here's what we want to see.


What We Want When Fishing is Finally Added to Sea of Thieves

When fishing is finally added to Sea of Thieves, which could come alongside Forsaken Shores, here's what we want to see from it.

The Division 2

The Division 2’s End is Just the Beginning – Here’s What We Want

The Division went down an absolute treat when it launched, but suffered from its poor post-launch content, something its sequel aims to improve upon.


Shadow of the Tomb Raider Could be the Best Tomb Raider Yet

Lara Croft has been on quite the journey, but her latest journey is shaping up to be the best game in the entire series.

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